With our direct imaging Four Color Process Heidelberg DI Press your digital file is sent directly to the press without the use of traditional offset or computer-to-plate processes. All four plates are simultaneously imaged in precise register with automated press settings to ensure a high quality consistent print. Because our press uses dry plates with waterless inks the look and feel of ink absorbed into paper cannot be compared with toner particles which lie on the surface of the paper. Abrasion and light resistance are also optimum and screen dots created by Direct Imaging can match any conventional raster in terms of sharp edges and regularity. Gradations are smooth and even. The waterless printing ink supports high ink densities which produces strong colors rich in contrast on a wide range of paper types, finishes and sizes.

Our press room also features our smaller 2 color Hamada E47 offset press for those 1 and 2 color jobs.

We offer raised printing to give your business cards and stationary a truly professional and unique look that stands out.